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Kazakhstan, Astana
Hilton Astana Hotel
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Produce. Trade. Logistics
September 27-28, 2023


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LLP “Baltic Control Kazakhstan”

Kazakhstan, Astana

Hilton Astana Hotel

27–28 сентября 2023 года

About the Conference

The third annual international conference «EURASIAN AGRICOMMODITIES» is traditionally held in Astana city, Kazakhstan. Within two days, leading experts will discuss topical issues of grain production and products of its processing, the potential of trade and transport logistics.

Over several years, there has been an increase in production costs and the cost of grain. Against the background of a decrease in purchase prices, the business of grain producers becomes unprofitable, investments in production are reduced. All this requires special attention to measures to reasonably optimize costs. During the Conference, experts will share practical experience in managing costs and increasing the competitiveness of manufactured products.

Given the uncertainty associated with the possible restriction of trade by government agencies and the workload of transport infrastructure, it is important to qualitatively assess market trends and export directions, plan sales and ensure timely export shipments. These issues that are relevant for exporters will be discussed by trade and logistics experts together with representatives of state bodies and companies.

The conference is supported by Kazakh Grain Union and its partners.

Conference participants: international, Kazakh and Russian grain traders, producers of grain processing products, agricultural holdings, agricultural enterprises and farmers, suppliers of resources for agriculture, financial institutions, transport and logistics companies and surveyors, representatives of government bodies and state companies.


Partners of the Confrence


«Kazakh Grain Union»

«National Oilseed Processors Association»

«The Kazakhstan Grain Processors Union»

«The Union of Field Farmers of Kazakhstan»

«Association of Credit Partnerships of Agroindustrial Complexn»

Conference program

September 27, 2023

Registration of participants. Welcome coffee


Official opening of the conference


Session 1. "Kazakhstan. Trade in grain and products of its processing" Speaker: Alexander Malov General Director LLP "AZK Esentai" (Kazakhstan)

Forecast of balances of grain and wheat flour in 2023/24 MY. Export potential and prospects for export directions for soft and durum wheat, barley and wheat flour.


Ceremony in honor of the sponsors of the "EURASIAN AGRICOMMODITIES" Conference


Coffee break


Session 2. "Kazakhstan. Trade in oilseeds and sunflower oil" Speaker: Yadykar Ibragimov chairman of Management Board of National Association of Oilseeds Processors of Kazakhstan. Speaker: Evgeny Karabanov, Founder of "Severnoye Zerno" (North Grain) Group of Companies

Forecast of the balance of sunflower seeds and sunflower oil in 2023/24 MY. Export potential and geography of supplies of flax and sunflower seeds, sunflower oil (raw and refined). 




Session 3. "Risk Management in Field Farming". Speaker: Viktor Aslanov , chairman of Union of Field Growers of Kazakhstan

Measures to optimize production costs. IT integration. Seed production.



September 28, 2023

Welcome coffee


Session 1. "World grain production and trade" Speaker: Dmitriy Rylko General Director IKAR (Russia)

Assessment of production and trade prospects in the Black Sea region (EU, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan). 
Products: soft and durum wheat, barley, flax and sunflower seeds, sunflower oil.


Coffee break


Session 2. "Export potential of regions of the Russian Federation bordering with Kazakhstan" Speaker: Igor Pavenskiy , Head of Analytical center LLC "Rusagrotrans " (Russia)

Forecast of export of Russian products to Kazakhstan, Iran, countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan.
Products: soft wheat, barley, sunflower seeds, wheat flour and sunflower oil (raw and refined).


Session 3. "Export logistics of Kazakhstani products" Speaker: Sanzhar Yelyubayev, the President of JSC "Astyk Trans" (Kazakhstan)

Status and peculiarities of export directions of Kazakhstani products.
Destinations: EU, Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan, China.


Summary of the Conference

Terms of participation


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For delegates from AGRICOM partners and sponsors (20% discount) – 480 USD

For regular AGRICOM participants (10% discount) – 540 USD

For other AGRICOM participants - 600 USD

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For delegates from AGRICOM partners and sponsors (20% discount) – 600 USD

For regular AGRICOM participants (10% discount) – 675 USD

For other AGRICOM participants - 750 USD

When paying after 15.09.2023:

For delegates from AGRICOM partners and sponsors (20% discount) – 720 USD

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For other AGRICOM participants - 900 USD

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Conference Sponsors

General sponsor JSC "Astyk Trans"

is a leading forwarder for the transportation of grain and other agricultural goods in its own and attracted fleet in intra-republican and international communications.

The company was established in 2013 and today is a major owner of grain wagons in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company has about 5,800 grain wagons in its management, which makes it possible to transport at least 4.5 million tons of cargo per year. Since 2013, the Company has organized the transportation of more than 48 million tons of cargo.

"Astyk Trans" Joint Stock Company provides a wide range of cargo transportation services, including:

-freight forwarding services for the transportation of grain in grain wagons;

- cargo movement control;

- organization of multimodal transportation with transshipment to sea vessels and containers;

- organization of route transportation of grain by sender and step routes;

- forwarding of any cargo in Kazakhstan, Russia, Central Asia and Transcaucasia;

- settlements with the railway administrations of the CIS countries for transportation services;

- other services related to the transportation of goods in intra-republican and international communications.

"Astyk Trans" Joint Stock Company guarantees the provision of high-quality services to its customers and is always looking for new ways to meet the growing needs of its customers and is constantly expanding its range of services.

The Republic of Kazakhstan,

010000, Astana city,

Saryarka ave, bld 6 «Arman» 5 floor 

Tel.: +7 (7172) 248 580

        +7 (7172) 729 907   

Email: [email protected]


Exclusive sponsor LLP “Baltic Control Kazakhstan”

is an international inspection company, part of the group of First Class Inspection Companies, accredited by the International Association of Grain Traders GAFTA, the International Association of Inspection Companies TIC, part of the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations FOSFA. The company is also accredited according to international standards GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019, GOST ISO/IEC 17065-2013, GOST ISO/IEC 17020-2013, ISO 9001:2016.

 LLP “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” provides quality and quantity control services for agricultural goods for compliance with international standards and the standards of  importing country, as well as certification, declaration and fumigation.

The company has a network of testing laboratories located in all grain-growing regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including two testing laboratories in Aktau port, as well as a conformity assessment body and its own scientific center.

LLP “Baltic Control Kazakhstan” for more than 15 years has been providing  inspection services cover various areas, including Iran, China, European countries, Russia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.

- contact information, including the name of the web-site:  [email protected]

+ 7 717 2 73 49 11; + 7 705 585 88 89; + 7 777 504 23 82

010000, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Almaty district, st. А351, building 7, NP 1


LLP Grain Partners
LLP Grain Partners

is a dynamic trading company focused on international markets (EU countries, China, Turkey, North African countries) on FCA, CPT, FOB and CIF supply bases. The company uses an innovative approach to trading activities, which is based on a long-term partnership with Kazakh agricultural producers and Western partners in the implementation of projects for the reproduction of Italian breeding durum varieties and high-yielding varieties of oilseed flax. A line for cleaning food linen to 99.5% purity has been launched.

We offer all potential partners to consider the possibility of working under long-term contracts for the supply of the following crops: durum (Kazakhstan and Italian selection), soft wheat (Hi Pro), flax, rape, barley, as well as organic agricultural products.

+7 (727) 300 0409    

[email protected]

LLP «B-Agro Sever»
LLP «B-Agro Sever»

We represent a group of companies, which includes trading companies

LLP "B-Agro Sever" and LLP "TradingWheat", and  logistics company LLP "Kyzylzhar logistic" .

Their key advantage is multifunctionality!

We offer a unique product! This is not just the export of grain and oilseeds, but also its own production.

The sown area, more than 60,000 hectares of land, allows a full cycle of production, starting from sowing and ending with the delivery of raw materials to partner countries.

We are proud of mutually beneficial cooperation with Kazakhstan and foreign partners.

China, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany - the geography of our partners is growing and we plan to develop further!

The result of well–coordinated work can be seen not only in grain receipts, but also in the final product - Turkish and Italian pasta, delicious Uzbek bread, modern Belgian laminate and linoleum, Chinese medicine and cosmetology.


The presence of our own grain carriers allows to guarantee the uninterrupted supply of  product in various directions. They are sold on elevators by railway transport around the clock.

We can safely talk about the positive dynamics of the company's development and great development prospects


Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk city, Trade Center Kvartal

Karim Sutyushev str,  60


Tel:  +7 (771) 780-00-01

        +7 (701) 090 24-22


e-mail[email protected]


LLP “First Agrochemical Company”
LLP “First Agrochemical Company”

is a reliable partner for agricultural producers, offering high-quality and innovative plant protection products. The company's product portfolio allows to fully meet the needs of our partners.


Our task is to introduce innovative products that will help optimize production technologies, reduce costs and achieve high yields.


Our priorities:

  1. Quality and reliability of our products.

The product portfolio of "First Agrochemical Company" consists of drugs produced by the leaders of the agrochemical industry.

  1. Innovative orientation of products and the effectiveness of their application.

Due to mixed combinations and new approaches to solving problems, most of the products in the portfolio of "First Agrochemical Company" are characterized by a high degree of innovation.

  1. Reduction of production costs of our partners.

One of the key points of our philosophy is to help our partner improve the economic component of production. We offer our partners effective solutions at affordable prices and flexible financial schemes.

  1. Employee competence and professional consulting.

Each employee of our Company with a high degree of professional qualification is an expert in the field of plant protection and agricultural production.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana, Yessil district, E 251 Building 11.

Email: [email protected]

JSC "Atameken-Agro"

Agricultural holding is one of the leaders of Kazakhstan  agricultural sector and specializes in crop production, cattle breeding, seed production and storage of grain crops. The land fund is more than 440 thousand hectares located in the North Kazakhstan and Akmola regions. During the year, the Holding produces about 400 thousand tons of various crops and sells its products both on the domestic market and in the countries of Europe, the CIS and the Middle East. Details on the website


the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Kokshetau city, Industrial zone Vostochnaya, passage 20, building 30.

Telephone: +7 7162 77 56 25; 

e-mail: [email protected]

Fergus Kazakhstan LLP
Fergus Kazakhstan LLP

is an advanced grain trader and a key player on the grain market of Kazakhstan. The company’s core activity is exporting grain, oil and legume crops grown by the industry’s large enterprises.

The head office is located in Astana (Kazakhstan), while its representative offices cover all the country’s regions that produce grain. Private farms, Kazakhstan’s leading agricultural producers and reliable freight forwarders ensuring prompt delivery of goods to customers rank among the company’s suppliers.

Fergus Kazakhstan LLP employs experienced and highly-qualified professionals interested in the progress and development of the company and the entire Kazakhstan’s agrobusiness.

Kazakhstan, Astana city, 010000

Saryarka avenue,  6, оff.620

tel. +7 (7172) 792-790

[email protected]

Viterra Kazakhstan LLP
Viterra Kazakhstan LLP

As part of Viterra's global fully-integrated agriculture network, Viterra Kazakhstan connects producers and consumers to supply sustainable, traceable and quality-controlled agricultural products.

Present in Kazakhstan since 1996, Viterra has become one of the market leaders in the sourcing and supply of agricultural products.

Our business covers the entire supply chain from producer to consumer, ensuring sustainable, traceable and verifiable quality of agricultural products. As one of the largest regional buyers in Kazakhstan, we purchase products directly from farmers and deliver them to consumers through our marketing and logistics network.

We strive to lead the market by setting an example of professionalism and customer focus. Our employees across the network have the experience and skills to meet the needs of all our customers.

We focus on sustainability, safety, quality and reliability, so our employees, customers and communities can feel confident in everything we do.

Together, we are stronger and achieve more.

Republic of Kazakhstan,

Astana, 010000,

Dostyk str., 16

Talan Towers Offices Business Center

T: +7 (717) 273 55 55

"Olzha Agro" LLP

is a multidisciplinary agro–industrial holding in Kostanay region, specializing in crop production, meat and dairy farming, storage and export of grain and oilseeds, processing of agricultural products, as well as the production of agricultural machinery.

Olzha Agro agricultural holding includes:

  • 23 farms divided into 5 regions;
  • 8 elevators (total storage capacity – 1,500,000 tons of grain);
  • Kostanay agromechanical plant;
  • Trading company;
  • Trading company engaged in the sale of dairy products.

Export destinations:

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, China, Europe.

Contact Information:

Kostanay city, N. Nazarbayev Ave., 170

Tel.: + 7 7142 90-24-24

Email: [email protected]


Logos Grain LLC
Logos Grain LLC

Producer of agricultural products
Trader (trade in agricultural products)
Bread receiving enterprise (elevator)
Storage and realization of agricultural products
Export of grain and oilseeds

Astana, Tauelsizdik Avenue 13, Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 (7172) 36-69-80, 36-69-81
E-mail: [email protected]


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