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Atameken-Agro JSC

September 29,



Hilton Astana Hotel

About the Conference

«Grain Market Services LLP and Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR)

Kazakh Grain Union, Association "Oil and Fat Union of Kazakhstan, Union of Grain Processors of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Government representatives, leading international and kazakh traders, processors, agricultural holdings, agricultural enterprises and farmers, suppliers of agricultural means of production, financial institutions and logistics companies and others.

Main topics:
•    Current state and prospects for the development of world grain and oilseed markets
•    Markets of grains and oilseeds in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries
•    Agroeconomics
•    Problems of transport logistics and ways to solve them
•    State regulation

"EURASIAN AGRICOM: Eurasian Agricommodities Trade & Logistics" International Conference is held at a time when the scale of the harvest of the main grains and oilseeds in the Northern Hemisphere will be determined and the conjuncture of the agricultural markets of Eurasia will be actively formed. The new season starts with agricultural prices falling from record levels, what are the main market scenarios? How will prices for production means in agriculture be formed? How will the military conflict in Ukraine affect global and regional markets? Last season, Russia exported a record amount of grain to Kazakhstan. In 2022, a high harvest of grains and oilseeds is expected in Russia and Kazakhstan, how will this affect the markets of the two countries? What are the prospects for the export of Kazakh grain, oilseeds and products of their processing to the markets of neighboring countries? These and other topical issues will be discussed at the plenary sessions and during the informal communication of the Conference participants.

Conference program


Registration of participants. Welcome coffee break.


Official opening of the Conference.

Session «Logistics»

Presentation «Logistics»

Outlook and specificity of the use of current routes (Black Sea and Baltic seaports, Trans-Caspian route, Chinese direction).


Discussion of the Session experts, response to questions of the Conference participants


Coffee break

Session «Agroeconomics»

Presentation «Agroeconomics: current and projected price levels for means in crop production»

Assessment of price growth factors for means of production of grains and oilseeds and their impact on the cost of agricultural products


Discussion of the Session experts, response to questions of the Conference participants



Session «Trade»

Presentation «Global trade. Russia and Ukraine in Global trade»

Markets: soft wheat; durum; barley; peas; lentils; flax seed, sunflower seed and rape seed; wheat flour; vegetable oil.


Discussion of the Session experts, response to questions of the Conference participants


Presentation «Kazakhstan. Grain Trade»

Markets: soft wheat; durum; barley; peas; lentils; flax seed, sunflower seed and rape seed.


Presentation «Kazakhstan. Trade of grain processing products»

Markets of wheat flour and vegetable oil.


Discussion of the Session experts, response to questions of the Conference participants


Summing up the results of the Сonference, closing remarks.

Terms of participation

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* Excluding bank commission
Invoice for payment in the national currency is issued at the current exchange rate on the day of invoicing

Discount system:
•    5% - with the participation of two or more representatives from one company
•    20% - for companies from partners and sponsors of the Conference (subject to official confirmation)

The Conference participant package includes:
•    Participation in the work of the Conference
•    Materials and presentations of the Conference
•    Simultaneous translation
•    Coffee breaks and lunch

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* Excluding bank commission
Invoice for payment in national currency is issued at the current exchange rate on the day of invoicing.

Discount system:
20% - for companies from partners and sponsors of the Conference (subject to official confirmation).

Provision of an expo space in the foyer of the conference hall, which includes:
•    table, 2 chairs;
•    socket connection;
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Conference Sponsors

General sponsor Viterra Kazakhstan LLP

One of the leading exporters of agricultural products in Kazakhstan. Being part of the world-leading fully integrated Viterra Agriculture Network, with offices in over 37 countries and headquarter in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the company connects producers with consumers around the world. Our global presence as well as a deep understanding of the industry with a wide network of core assets allows us to offer comprehensive solutions and open new opportunities for our clients, creating successful long-term partnerships.

The Viterra global network includes the following assets:
•   Marketing: 32 offices worldwide with over 90 million tons of products sold in 2021
•   Storage: more than 180 silos and warehouses in 14 countries
•   Logistics: more than 2000 railcars and more than 200 vessels
•   Recycling: more than 30 processing plants in 13 countries
•   Port terminals: 25 Terminals in 9 countries

Contact Information:
•   Astana, Dostyk str., building 16, business center "Talan Towers"
•   Phone: +7 (7172) 73-55-55
•   E-mail: kz.info@viterra.com

Exclusive sponsor Atameken-Agro JSC

One of the largest agricultural holdings in Kazakhstan, with over 300 000 hectares of sown area and annual crop production with a total volume of over 400 000 tons. The company is also actively developing livestock and seed production, keeping a further course towards the processing of its own raw materials and milk production.

The company's main products include soft wheat, durum, barley, flax, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, red and green lentils, and chickpeas. The agricultural holding has rich experience in doing business abroad, supplying goods to 16 different countries, which include: Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and China.

Contact Information:
Website: atameken-agro.com
+7 (7162) 77-56-27
+7 (7162) 77-56-25


Sey-Nar LLP
Sey-Nar LLP

Established in 2001, the company carries out the following core activities: procuring, processing and selling of agricultural products. In August 2001, the partnership decided to acquire property in form of Turkishmanufactured milling complex with small production capacity. In January 2002, macaroni production shop was launched.

As of today, the company is one the leading companies in agricultural business, particularly in production of wheat flour,macaroni products. Production capacity of the flour milling plant is 3000 tons of wheat flourper month. Along with this, there is transport and logistic hub with well-developed infrastructure in the territory of the flour milling plant. Number of employees is more than 200 persons. 

Export geography:
China, Japan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Russia, EU countries, Turkey.

Tel: +77018743650
Email: azamat.temekov@omnimail.org

Olzha Agro LLP
Olzha Agro LLP

A diversified agro-industrial holding in the Kostanay region, specializing in crop production, meat and dairy farming, storage and export of grain and oilseeds, processing of agricultural products, as well as the production of agricultural machinery.

Olzha Agro agricultural holding includes:
•   25 farms divided into 5 regions;
•   9 elevators (total storage capacity - 1,500,000 tons of grain);
•   Kostanay agromechanical plant;
•   Trading company;
•   A trading company selling dairy products.

Export directions:
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, China, Europe.

Contact Information:
•    Kazakhstan, Kostanay, N. Nazarbaev Ave., 170
•    Tel.: + 7 7142 90-24-24
•    Email. mail: info@olzhaagro.kz
•    Website: www.olzhaagro.kz

UPL Limited, Central Asia
UPL Limited, Central Asia

Global leader in providing agricultural solutions, with more than 40 factories and 25 own R&D centers, more than 13,000 registered products and 10,800 employees worldwide.
It is included in the TOP-5 of the largest agrochemical companies in the world and is the industry leader in bio-solutions for agriculture.
In Central Asia the company has a representative office in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan. The company sells a wide range of plant protection products and bio solutions in the region through official distributors - herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, acaricides, protectants, defoliants, growth regulators, biological products, adjuvants.
Almaty, BC "Capital Tower", uk. Abish Kekilbayuly 34, office 8-02
Instagram: www.instagram.com/uplcentralasia

AZK Esentai LLP
AZK Esentai LLP

A trading company that specializes in the export of grains and oilseeds.

Main crops:
•   Soft wheat
•   Durum wheat
•   Barley
•   Linen

Main export directions: Central Asia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, China, Russia and Europe.

The annual export turnover is about 600 thousand mt.

The head office is located in the city of Almaty, with three representative offices in Kazakhstan.

One of the main tasks of the company is the maximum realization of the export potential of Kazakhstan.

Contact information​:
• +7 727 3000 401
• +7 701 752 0245

Baltic Control Kazakhstan LLP
Baltic Control Kazakhstan LLP

An international inspection company, part of the group of First Class Inspection Companies and performs quality and quantity control of goods exported and imported by the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with international standards and standards of the importing country.

A member of the International Association of Inspection Companies (IFIA), accredited by the International Grain Traders Association (GAFTA) and a member of the Federation of the Oilseed Trade Association (FOSFA).

The company offers services of confirmation of the quality and safety of crops intended for export to Iran, Europe, China, Turkey, neighboring countries, and also conducts tests to determine the mass fraction of active substances in pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and pesticide residues in crop production.

The company's management system is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

Company certificates confirming the availability and quality of goods are recognized by all leading financial institutions.

The company provides the following services:
•    Analysis of the contract and provision of recommendations on the requirements of the country of destination
•    Pre-shipment inspection and grain receipt verification
•    Control of weight and/or quantity when shipping goods
•    Quality control of shipped goods, both at the elevator and in ports
•    Collateral storage and storage monitoring

The Group of companies includes 4 structural divisions, which include a network of testing laboratories, a conformity assessment body, a fumigation company and a research center.

•     Address: Kazakhstan, Astana, st. Dauylpaz 7
•    Tel: + 7 7172 734911
•    Website: www.bck.kz


The transport and forwarding company specializing in the transportation of grain, oilseeds and other food products by rail transport both within the country and abroad. Manages a fleet of grain hoppers in the amount of 1100 units and covered wagons in the amount of 300 units. Among the company's clients are the largest grain exporters and shippers from Kazakhstan, Russia and other CIS countries.

Today "MAT Group" LLP is a dynamically developing company that constantly expands and modernizes its rolling stock, which allows it to strengthen its position not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the international market.

In 2019, the company opened its permanent representative office in Russia and is now an active participant in the Russian market for the transportation of grain and oilseeds.

The "MAT Group" LLP team emphasizes its desire to work closely with customers to build high-quality and mutually beneficial work and is ready to help representatives of the agricultural sector quickly and efficiently deliver products to consumers in all directions.

Contact details:
•   Address: Kazakhstan, 050043, Almaty, md. Miras 65, office 403
•   General Director Madina Razakova, + 7 705 211 22 62, m.razakova@railcar.kz
•   Commercial Director Mukhidov Firuz, + 7 705 563 03 06, f.mukhidov@railcar.kz
•   Head of Sales Dinara Akhmetova, + 7 775 227 11 91, d.akhmetova@railcar.kz

Astyk Trans JSC
Astyk Trans JSC

Provision of forwarding services for the transportation of grain and other goods produced in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries, in domestic and international traffic by rail.

JSC "Astyk Trans":
•   Created in 2013
•   The company is a system Kazakhstani operator for the transportation of grain and other agricultural goods in domestic and international traffic
•    We have our own specialized fleet of grain wagons
•   There is a representative network in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
•   There are transportation contracts with the main pool of grain shippers in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Company advantages:
•   More than 5,000 grain wagons in operation
•   2.7 million tons of export shipments per year
•   1.8 million tons of domestic transportation per year
•   A total of 4.5 million tons of agricultural cargo transportation per year
•   More than 40 million tons of transported grain since 2013

•   Operation of a specialized fleet of grain wagons
•   Freight forwarding services for the transportation of grain in grain wagons
•   Control over the movement of cargo
•   Settlements with the railway administrations of the CIS countries for transportation services
•   Organization of a comprehensive service for the transportation of grain to the port of Aktau, including forwarding and transshipment
•   Organization of a comprehensive service for the transportation of grain to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin and to the ports of the Baltic, including forwarding and transshipment
•   Multimodal transportation with a through rate

Contact Information:
•   Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana, Saryarka 6
•   Tel. +7 (7172) 248 580, 729907
•   e-mail: info@astyktrans.com

Altyn Astyk Group LLP
Altyn Astyk Group LLP

Has been conducting its trading activities in the market of Kazakhstan since 2018.

It exports agricultural products such as: wheat, flax, rapeseed, lentils, peas, sunflower seeds, etc. To the countries of near and far abroad, namely: to Uzbekistan, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Latvia, Estonia.

The annual export volume of products is 100-150,000 tons.

Contact Information:
•   Phone: 7 701 945 9999
•   Email: info.astyq@gmail.com

Fergus Kazakhstan LLP
Fergus Kazakhstan LLP

One of the leading grain traders and exporters in the Kazakhstan market. More than 10 years of experience in the agro-industrial sector. Today the company works closely with Kazakh and Russian suppliers, elevators, as well as with sea terminals in the port of Aktau, Kuryk, on the Black Sea through Russian ports, such as: Yeysk, Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Kavkaz. Sales markets - the CIS countries, the EAEU, the EU, the countries of the Caspian coast, far and near abroad.

Field of activity: wholesale trade in cereals, legumes, oilseeds; import of white and raw sugar.

Contact Information:
•   tel. +7 7172 792 790
•   Email: info@fergus.kz
For export/import questions:
•   Aigerim Alshinbayeva +7 701 059 00 61
•   Alisher Urazbekov +7 701 324 63 22

ASG Holding LLP
ASG Holding LLP

The company is a vertically integrated agricultural holding operating in four areas:
- trading in food crops
- provision of services for the acceptance, processing, storage and shipment of grain, oilseeds at our own elevators
- flour milling
- crop production - cultivation of cereals, oilseeds and legumes, animal husbandry - breeding reproducer - Aberdeen Angus breed

Main export directions:
• Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, countries of Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and China
• To the countries of the Customs Union (Russia and Belarus)

Director Kunaev Oleg Mikhailovich

Commercial Director Sharapatova Zeyne

Tel: +7 701 722 8341
E-mail: zeinel@agrostar.kz, execution@agrostar.kz

Alliance AgroTrade LLP
Alliance AgroTrade LLP

Founded in 2019. The main activity of the company is distribution of plant protection products and seeds for agricultural producers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We are the official distributor on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of such international companies as Syngenta, KWS, Leighton Agrio, etc. Our regional network is represented in such areas as Akmola, Kostanay, North Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Karaganda, Almaty, Zhambyl.

Our product range includes preparations for seed treatment, weed control agents in agricultural crops, fungicides for disease control, insecticides for combating various pests of grain, oilseeds, vegetables and fruit crops. As well as a portfolio of hybrid seeds of sunflower, corn, sugar beet, vegetable crops.

Our company's goal is to help increase the production of quality food by increasing the yield and quality of crop production, increasing the efficiency and safety of crop cultivation, and reducing environmental impact.

Our crop protection products and seeds help growers improve crop yields and productivity while contributing to growing demand for food, animal feed and fuel.

Tel.: +7 727 313 14 50

E-mail: office@alliance-agrotrade.kz

Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP
Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP

A unique provider of integrated solutions for agriculture in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In its activities, the company is guided by the Mission: We feed the world by helping farmers implement and apply innovative solutions for the development of agriculture and the production of the highest quality products.

Since 2002, Eurasia Group AG has been the official distributor of John Deere, offering agricultural producers a complete line of agricultural solutions, where there is a product for any farmer, regardless of the size of the cultivated area. In addition to John Deere, the company is the official dealer of the British manufacturer JCB with its loading solutions (agriculture), as well as the Swedish manufacturer Vaderstad, supplying solutions for seeding and tillage.

Particular attention in the structure of the company is given to irrigation solutions from the American brand Lindsay, which is the responsibility of Eurasia Water - a team of specialists in the sale, service and development of individual turnkey projects, as well as the vegetable and potato growing industries. The Eurasia Vegetables team is responsible for the latter, and the product line is represented by solutions from the GRIMME / ASA-Lift and GAUGELE brands.

A wide range of solutions for precision farming and digitalization of agriculture, offered by the company and supervised by the agro-management department and the Eurasia Digital direction, allow increasing profitability and developing the business of agricultural producers in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

In 2022, a new direction appeared in the company's structure - Eurasia Crop Care: digital crop care - supplying Kazakhstani farmers with high-quality high-yielding seeds, plant protection products, macro- and microfertilizers, biological products from the best world manufacturers.

For 24 years of its activity, the company has created a developed regional network - today Eurasia Group AG is represented in 14 regions of Kazakhstan and in the 1st region of Kyrgyzstan. Each regional office of the company has its own after-sales service, and 15 spare parts warehouses and 7 regional repair shops guarantee fast and high-quality after-sales support at any time of the year. The staff throughout Kazakhstan is more than 470 people.

Eurasia Group AG invests in the education of students, young professionals, charity and social projects in Kazakhstan.

Eurasia Group AG

Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, m-n Karaotkel, st. Kazanat, 1/1, Time Business Center

Tel.: 8 7172 55 47 11

E-mail: info@eurasia.kz



First Agrochemical Company LLP
First Agrochemical Company LLP

It is a reliable partner for agricultural producers, offering high quality and innovative plant protection products.

Our priorities:
• The quality and reliability of our products.
The product portfolio of the "First Agrochemical Company" consists of drugs produced by the leaders of the agrochemical industry.

• Innovative focus of products and efficiency of their application.
Thanks to mix combinations and new approaches to solving problems, most of the products in the portfolio of the First Agrochemical Company are characterized by a high degree of innovation.

• Reducing the production costs of our partners.
One of the key points of our philosophy is to help the partner improve the economic component of production. We offer our partners effective solutions at affordable prices and flexible financial schemes.

• Competence of employees and professional consulting.
Each employee of our Company has a high degree of professional qualification and is an expert in the field of plant protection and agricultural production.
Our task is to introduce innovative products that will help optimize production technologies, reduce costs and achieve high yields.

The products offered by Agrochemical Company LLP cover the entire spectrum of pesticides needed to protect crop plants.
• Seed protectors
• Herbicides
• Fungicides
• Insecticides
• Desiccants

The product portfolio of the company allows us to fully meet the needs of our partners.

Plant protection products (PPP) sold by First Agrochemical Company LLP are intended for use under such crops as: peas, potatoes, flax, sunflower, wheat, rapeseed, soybeans, lentils, barley.

The product portfolio of the "First Agrochemical Company" consists of drugs from such pesticide manufacturers: Nupharm, BASF, Arista LifeScience, Flagchem, Rainbow, etc.

Contact Information:
Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana,
Esil district E 251 street Building 11
+7 (7172) 257-000, 257-777;
+7 701 7458836;

020900, Yesil, Konaeva street, 12
hotel "Rakhat", floor 2, room. 12
+7 701 7458836;
+7 705 745 1887;

020400, Atbasar, BC "Atbasar", room. 311
+7 771 0852991;
+7 701 5329124;

020000, Kokshetau, Tsentralny microdistrict, d41B
+7 701 5718019;
+7 777 3106198;
+7 701 7695726;
+7 701 5329124;
+7 705 7457133;

110000, Kostanay, Chekhov street, 105 A, office 201
+7 (7142) 569244;
+7 701 9520932;
+7 771 1010180;
+7 777 8370909;
+7 701 4835910;

140000, Pavlodar, Korolenko street, 109, floor 2, room. 204
+7 705 7451880;
+7 701 5287230;
+7 701 5718019;
+7 701 7458836;

070008, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Bazovaya street, 7/4, 2nd floor
+7 705 7451890;
+7 705 9894778;
+7 701 5329124;

150000, Petropavlovsk, Pushkin street 43
+7 7152 529924;
+7 7152 530533;
+7 777 5122687;
+7 701 0266261;
+7 705 505 75 07;
+ 7 705 261 42 85;
+7 777 144 11 21.

General Survey Inspection Co. LTD
General Survey Inspection Co. LTD

An international inspection company accredited for compliance with the requirements of standards 17020 and 17025.

A member of GAFTA (International Grain Traders Association) and FOSFA (Federation of Oilseed Trade Association).

The company was founded in 1997, the head office is located in Turkey, the city of Istanbul. Has private laboratories in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Provides inspection and laboratory services by all parameters of quality and quantity of crops intended for export in any direction.

Contact Information:
Website: www.generalsurvey.com.tr
Phone: +77013053410

Aitas Agro LLP
Aitas Agro LLP

An agricultural holding with a unique culture, digital expertise and solutions for agribusiness.

The main field of activity is crop production.

The holding cultivates more than 20 thousand hectares in East Kazakhstan, grows sunflower, spring and winter wheat, malting barley, winter rye and peas, and propagates grain seeds. In addition, it is engaged in trading of grain, oilseeds, sunflower products. The construction of an elevator in Ust-Kamenogorsk with a storage capacity of 70 thousand tons is in progress.

The company in crop production is proud of the high culture of technological processes, an integrated digital management system (operational and production activities + accounting + analytics), and most importantly, a team of people striving to bring agribusiness in Kazakhstan to a new level.

About 120 thousand tons of feed components for poultry farms are purchased annually (Makinskaya and Ust-Kamenogorsk poultry farms). Cooperation is developing with more than 60 agricultural producers, traders, elevators, oil refineries, owners of railway and vehicles.

Contact Information:
•   Talgat Aldazharov, General Director, talgat.aldazharov@aitas.kz, +7 777 478 44 44
•   Kuanysh Zhakupov, commercial director, kuanysh.zhakupov@aitas.kz, +7 777 131 02 13
•   Aliya Svanova, Director of Strategic Planning and Analysis, aliya.svanova@aitas.kz, +7 701 724 77 20


The company has been operating since 2007.

Main field of activity:
1. Distribution.
1) Plant protection products and plant growth regulators and biostimulants from leading manufacturers.
2) AMAZONE tillage and sowing equipment;
3) PETKUS grain cleaning and drying complexes;
4) Seeds of hybrids of sunflower, corn, vegetable crops.
2. Production of grain seeds:
1) Barley, malting, grade - LG Belcanto
2) Soft spring wheat, variety - GADISH.
3. Consultations on the technology of growing crops.

At the moment, the partners of TANDEM-Agro LLP in terms of protection products, regulators and plant growth biostimulants are the largest companies, such as: Syngenta (Switzerland), BAYER Crop Science (Germany), CORTEVA (USA), BASF (Germany), FMS ( USA), HUMIN TECH (Germany), Asahi Chemical Europe s.r.o. (Japan); for barley, sunflower and corn seeds - Syngenta (Switzerland), LIMAGRAIN EUROPE S.A.S. (France), PIONEER (USA).

Contact Information:
Address: East Kazakhstan region, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Ulyanovsk street, 100.
Email address: tandem-agro@mail.ru
Phones: 8-771-086 -58-71, 8-777-742-44-11


The company has been on the Kazakhstan market since 2019. Specializes in the export of agricultural products (wheat, barley, flax, lentils, peas, white mustard, black mustard, etc.)

Sales regions:
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

Contact Information:
Phone: +7 775 820 0707
Email: ardak888ffa@gmail.com

Syngenta Kazakhstan LLP
Syngenta Kazakhstan LLP

Syngenta is one of the world's leading agricultural companies. We strive to contribute to the process of safe food production, while at the same time caring about the planet. Our goal is to improve the sustainability, quality and safety of agriculture through world-class scientific approaches and innovative solutions in the field of crop production. Our technologies enable millions of farmers around the world to use limited agricultural resources more efficiently. Our 28,000 employees in over 90 countries work to optimize the growing process.

Syngenta offers farmers a wide range of plant protection products, sunflower and corn hybrids, as well as vegetable seeds.

Syngenta has established a large network of regional offices in the Republic of Kazakhstan, working in direct contact with agricultural producers and processors in the regions. Representatives of Syngenta and our official distributors are always ready to assist you in the correct choice and effective use of Syngenta products.

Contact Information:
Head office: Almaty, 050059, Al-Farabi avenue 5, block 2A, 3rd floor
Tel.: 8 (727) 277-78-11
Email mail: info.kz@syngenta.com
Website: www.syngenta.kz

Schelkovo Agrohim JSC
Schelkovo Agrohim JSC

Schelkovo Agrohim JSC is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of plant protection products. The range includes: herbicides, seed protectants, fungicides, insecticides, agrochemicals and biological products. Thanks to innovative approaches in the development of modern formulations, unique products have been created that allow achieving high efficiency in protecting crops with a minimum pesticide load on the environment.

The company was founded in 1998, has its own pesticide production, research laboratories, experimental centers. Prompt supply of plant protection products and agricultural consulting is carried out by representative offices in the CIS countries, near and far abroad (Algeria, Mongolia, Serbia, Turkey and Morocco). Investment projects of the company: Betagran Ramon, SoyuzSemSvekla, Betagran Lipetsk, BETANET and others.

Contact Information
st. Zavodskaya, d.2, building 3a
Tel. +7 495 745 05 51
Website: betaren.ru
e-mail: info@betaren.ru

2/2 Kabanbai Batyr Ave., office 204
Tel. +7 7172 24 32 37
e-mail: info@betaren.kz

Geomir JSC
Geomir JSC

Field of activity: Agriculture. Equipment, software and services for agricultural producers.

The company was founded in 2002. There are more than 100 employees on the staff. More than 2000 clients, JSC "Geomir" successfully cooperates with farmers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, UAE. Every fourth holding from the top 50 agricultural holdings in Russia uses this solution. More than 8 million hectares of total farm area in the Field History service.

Description of goods sold, services rendered:

1. "History of the field" - a cloud service for managing an agricultural enterprise.

The service collects, analyzes and stores all information on the farm in a single system. Service capabilities: planning operations in the fields, accurate accounting of work in the fields, collecting information from the fields, cadastral registration. Detailed statistics allow you to quickly identify problems and optimize production processes simply and quickly.

2. Unmanned aerial vehicle "Albatros M5 Agro" for agriculture. The largest aircraft with a maximum flight time of 4.5 hours and a wingspan of 3.3 meters. The body is made of composite materials, with carbon power elements. Ideal for shooting large areas and long continuous flight. Designed for aerial photography and video monitoring of the area. The device is used with the following payloads: camera, multispectral camera, video camera.

Contact Information:

Lyudmila Primako, marketer at JSC Geomir

+7 968 ​​825 22 33, primako@geomir.ru


The Hilton Astana Hotel offers the ultimate luxury experience in the capital of Kazakhstan. It is located in the new administrative and business center and is part of the architecture of the EXPO International Exhibition Center.

Accommodation of the Conference participants:
The Hilton Astana Hotel provides the following special conditions for the accommodation of the Conference participants:  

These special rates are valid until September 23, 2022, subject to 100% prepayment.
To book a room, please download the booking form below, fill it out and send it to the Hotel on the following e-mail addresses: astana.reservations@hilton.comastana.info@hilton.com.

Booking Form

Hotel contact details:
•    Address: Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana, Sauran st. 46
•    Phone number: +7 7172 649900
•    Web-site: www.hilton.com/en/hotels/tsekahi-hilton-astana

Car parking for Conference participants:
The hotel underground parking is provided free of charge for the Conference participants.


Kazakhstan, Astana, Esil district, Turkestan str. 8, phone: +34 624 460 058